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Recently on Offworld we listened to good things like the free soundtrack to Konjak's Legend of Princess, which always brilliantly stays just a half-note off the Zelda originals that inspired it, and another fantastic NES mega-mix from Japan's YMCK.

We also saw good things get nominated for rewards as both the Game Developers Choice Awards and the UK's BAFTA committee announced their nominees. We saw zombies surging from multiple fronts as we got more details on Left 4 Dead's first DLC and the first footage of the new Romero-inspired Dead Rising 2. We saw both new content for old versions of Katamari Damacy, and one last pre-release look at Katamari creator Keita Takahashi's new Noby Noby Boy.

We saw old things in new forms from Oregon Trail coming to the iPhone, to the celebration of where this all started at the newly opened Pong Museum, and saw lots more miscellaneous excellence: Zelda translated into Latin (above), the very first (non-knitted) Sackboy toys, 8-bit Punch-Out!! in real life and brilliant papercraft Mario automata, and, finally heard word that one person is officially bringing Twitter to Call of Duty.

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