Robokey key toppers start the robotification of your home at the key chain


I sincerely hope that what orange asbestos carpeting was to the 70s and faux wood paneling was to 80s, retro-style robotification will be to the interior design sensibilities of the double oughts. I simply can not imagine a house filled with too many rock'em, sock'em robots as a recurring design motif.

So while interior design does not tend to extend as far as the small rubber caps of your house keys, I think these Robokey key toppers are a must have. You might as well clue people in from the entry portal that they are entering a demesne of mechanical men and sentient servo overlords. And $5 to make your keys look this awesome is simply a no-brainer.

Robokeys [Perpetual Kid via Geeksugar]

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