Free update to Windows 7 for Vista buyers after July 1st, 2009


Good news: if you're forced to buy a Windows Vista computer in the later half of the year, Microsoft will upgrade you for free to Windows 7, with versions syncing up (Home Premium to Home Premium, etc.) Bad news: it's optional to OEMs, so not everyone will be participating. And while it's a pipe dream, there's still sort of the resentful residue of a feeling that given Vista's epic crumminess, Microsoft should be upgrading everyone to 7 for free anyway.

The Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Program [Techarp]

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  1. Eff you Microsoft and eff you Vista. My machine died 18 months ago and I ended up purchasing a new toshiba with Vista home premium. I now regret mocking those unfortunate souls who purchased a Windows ME or 2000 machine right before the XP rollout. Karma.

  2. Second to F, MS should give every miserable vista users an upgrade to Window 7. Vista has so many problems, how come there is no Federal recall or even “investigation for possible recall”? They recall almost everything else, but nobody know software cold be damaged or ineffective. Replaced it with Window 7 and probably could tune down some of the whining and may keep some customers in the long run., Google free office software and Lunix are all out there. Only a lazy bum that won’t research for alternative will stay forever with MS.

  3. Installed, Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bits, Windows 7 RT 7600 64 bits, Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.3 64 bits.

    And all work perfectly…

    I like 7 is more fast than Vista Ultimate 64…
    But Ubuntu is the best.

  4. They R just motherFu…. this Vista suck i got that 4 month. So u if can’t got that for free i just have to find my own way….. so fuckk off microsoft!

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