Next iPhone to come in matte black?


As far as Apple rumors go, this one's pretty insignificant, but here it is: according to iPod Observer, they've attained leaked images of the new 16GB iPhone, and while there isn't anything new spec-wise to report, it will apparently come with a matte black shell as an option.

There's plenty of reasons not to accept this as gospel, but it's not wholly unlikely: Apple has retained the same look for both iterations of the iPhone so far, with the exception of the back casing. It makes sense for them to change it again to differentiate the 3G's successor from the past two models while retaining the iPhone's iconic front design.

New 16GB iPhone 3G May Be On The Way [iPod Observer]

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3 Responses to Next iPhone to come in matte black?

  1. danilo says:

    I think all faked Apple prototype images are now on a race to the bottom to see who can produce the most mundane shot.

  2. bardfinn says:

    Mundanity passes for authenticity in many places.

    I’d be happy with a back casing that doesn’t enable a minuscule amount of palm sweat to turn my hardware investment into a cheap post-modern Owner’s Rights installation art piece.

  3. freetardzero says:

    I have nothing to say about the picture, but I’m curious about how iPod Observer went about “attaining” those leaked images…

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