Just compare Windows Mobile 6.5 to iPhone, says Microsoft


From the Seattle Times' Pri0* blog, discussing the just announced Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system:

"Like if you go to the iPhone, you can go to the weather application, but you have to go into to actually make it update," said Scott Rockfeld, a director in Microsoft's Windows Mobile group. ... "Just compare this to the iPhone. You go to an iPhone and check a voice mail, first you bring it to life, then you unlock the phone, then you go to the phone application, then you hit voice mail," he said.

Compare Windows Mobile to the iPhone? Oh, Scott. You don't even have to ask.

(The new "go right to voicemail or text messages on unlock" feature, pictured here, is slick. See how concessionary and fair I am, haters?)

* Pry-zero? Pre-oh? Pry-oh? Pre-zero?

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