Just compare Windows Mobile 6.5 to iPhone, says Microsoft


From the Seattle Times' Pri0* blog, discussing the just announced Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system:

"Like if you go to the iPhone, you can go to the weather application, but you have to go into to actually make it update," said Scott Rockfeld, a director in Microsoft's Windows Mobile group. ... "Just compare this to the iPhone. You go to an iPhone and check a voice mail, first you bring it to life, then you unlock the phone, then you go to the phone application, then you hit voice mail," he said.

Compare Windows Mobile to the iPhone? Oh, Scott. You don't even have to ask.

(The new "go right to voicemail or text messages on unlock" feature, pictured here, is slick. See how concessionary and fair I am, haters?)

* Pry-zero? Pre-oh? Pry-oh? Pre-zero?

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  1. Great – so it’s unnecessarily updating everything, all the time, using up battery, and bandwidth without asking…

    no thanks.

  2. Some nice thinking there, but why is the work of the UI designers in the WinMo division still getting trampled on by developers?

    The idea is nice. The icons are nice. The slapping them over a high-contrast photo with no bezel, the awkwardly-placed clock in ugly Tahoma Bold, not so much.

    They’ve seemingly integrated the designers into the full design process in the Zune and Xbox divisions. Why not here?

  3. “Just compare Windows Mobile 6.5 to iPhone”… seriously, are they TRYING to drive business to Apple? I have used many a WinM device and they all have one thing in common. They suck. Maybe this is strategy to get MS out of the mobile device market…

  4. iPhone has its horrible flaws (I have a 3G, BTW) but no other phone on the market has more features that a user can be bothered to use. They may have more features, but the UIs are just not very good.

    The only possible competition (first one, anyway) might be the Palm Pre. Finally someone else who “gets it” and may even get it way better than Apple. That would be nice.
    I had a Palm Vx a long time ago, hands down best UI on a PDA until iPhone came along. Didn’t buy another Palm product while they used WinM, which just has never been good enough, and is still far from being good enough.

  5. From Seattle Times site:

    “Pri0: That’s Microspeak for top priority…”

    So, I think pry-zero is probably the correct one.

  6. Why hexes – the are hard to scan, you cant really organize by rows, and so much space is wasted. Yuck.

  7. Ya know, I don’t mind WinMo (Full Disclosure: I hate Apple), but mostly I use it on hand-held scanners using Excel or Access for work. I didn’t really mind it on my short-lived Treo 950w either. I don’t see why there’s all this hate directed at it.

    They use hexes because WinMo doesn’t support capacitive touchscreens. At all. So to make it finger-usable, the icons have to be big and separate enough to register. For me, no capacitive is the real loser. I seriously doubt anyone using an iPhone, G1 or even a Storm could seriously consider using a resistive screen.

    Comparing WinMo to the iPhone? A shitty screen is the just the start of a shitty user experience. No thanks, Microsoft.

  9. So I just watched a bunch of WinMo 6.5 demo videos, and I have to say, they are on the right track. I just think that Palm and Android will get there ahead of them.

    And now they’ve announced the Pre will support flash? Eek, that trumps all.

    1. Yeah, unless Apple releases a doozy of a 3.0 update, they may just lose the lead to Palm and…errk…eecchhh….kssshhhrrfffff…Windows Mobile. (Sorry. It takes a lot out of me to say that.)

  10. Eh, most people who have cell phones are immune to reason anyway.

    I don’t carry a device that allows people to interrupt me any time, at their convenience. I don’t need one, it would not enrich my life experience.

    I do carry devices that let me deal with problems without calling anyone… such as a leatherman, for example… and I structure my life so that I am happy and fulfilled without paying off a cell phone service provider.

    At least 60% of the cell-phone-carrying population do not use any coherent process to decide what cell phone to carry, or they wouldn’t be carrying one at all. “Ooh, shiny! That TV slut has one of these! I have to have THAT KIND!”

    As long as this is the case, Microsoft’s advertising will work. It’s not supposed to be logical or reasonable, just emotionally engaging.

  11. If you seriously need to have a capacitive screen to use it with your fingers, mayhaps you should lose some weight. Sure, they’re better for a stylus-free solution, but not a necessity.

    Seriously – I’m newish to PDAs, having started with the Palm m105, and I’ve had no issues using fingers when necessary on any of the devices I’ve owned. Just because it’s Apple dogma doesn’t mean you have to listen.

  12. @#1: “so it’s unnecessarily updating everything, all the time, using up battery, and bandwidth without asking…”

    Actually, it wouldn’t have to do that: just update when unlocked would make more sense wouldn’t it?

    @#13: the capacitive screen allows for multi-touch operation, which has many benefits. And you can use it even if you are svelte!

  13. I just installed it on my HTC Touch and it’s much improved over WM 6.1. Good work MS..!

    PS: Funny how people who never used WM6.5 have such strong opinions. Did you vote for Obama?

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