Toy Fair: Orbitwheels, the monowheels you can wear


Our pal Nate Heasley is popping around at Toy Fair finding the stuff we missed, when instead he should be manning his booth to promote his award-winning board game, Wits And Wagers.

I've always been a fan of monowheels, the hubless design that has a certain ascetic simplicity. So I was psyched to see that some folks had decided to take that concept and make monowheels for your feet. The Orbitwheel skates are just two monowheels (okay, so there's a bit of a contradiction there) that you step in to and then move around on by making an s-pattern with your feet. When someone is good at it (as the guy at ToyFair is) it's actually very graceful, like a figure skater.

When learning, as I was, it's not exactly quite as graceful. Well, at least there's no chance of gerbiling like in a real monowheel. Available from for $120. – Nate

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  1. Looks cool, but I’d like to see someone stop it at high speed. Do they just turn the wheels perpendicular to the direction of travel and then grind to a stop with the wheels. And how much is the cost of replacing the wheels.

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