Canon casts Camera Storm. You Die.

Last night, Canon announced more cameras than can be sanely covered in one post. Here are some of the standouts:

• PowerShot D10


Waterproof to 10m, able to withstand drops from up to 4ft, and freeze-resistant to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, the D10 is all about durability. It has 3x optical zoom, a $330 price tag, and will be on sale in May.

This will be a good gift, for people who'd never buy such a thing by themselves, to encourage them to do some extreme shooting.

• Digital Elph SD970, SD960, SD780 and SD1200


The Elphs get spec bumps. The $380 SD960 and SD780 have 5x optical zoom and 720p movie recording. The $230 SD1200 replaces the 1100, with only a megapixel change.

Even the lower-end Elphs shoot well given their price and size: the addition of HD video will make ownership of a mini-camcorder reduntant, if the quality's there.

• PowerShot A480, A2100 and A1100


The A-series is Canon's cheapie line, and three will appear in March and April. The A2100 has 6x optical zoom, 3" display and is $250, while the 1100 offers 4x for $200 and has an optical viewfinder and a smaller display. The A480 will have only 3.3x optical zoom, but is a very cheap $130.

• Powershot SX1


The SX1 has 20x optical zoom, a camcorder-style flip-out LCD display, HD movie recording at up to 1080p, HDMI out and a $600 price tag. No, it isn't a DSLR: this will have to match up to the likes of the Lumix LX and Canon's own G10.

Also available is the SX200, which has only 12x optical zoom, 720p movies, and a more edible $350 on the tag. Both models will be out in the next couple of months.

Press release [Canon via CrunchGear]

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