Photo Book, a portable image viewer that supports RAW


The Photo Book from Digital Foci almost seems like its from that forlorn era of Just A Few Year Back, when manufacturers were trying to get us to buy Portable Media Centers and dedicated movie devices too big to fit in a pocket. But it's got a specific market in mind: photographers. It can digest nearly every type of flash memory card on the planet, gulping down images to its 4GB of internal memory—including files in RAW formats. (Which RAW formats it supports—there's a different variant for nearly every type of camera—will be the big if.)

For $200, though, it could be a nice adjunct to working shooters who need to get a better look at their images than the screens on the back of their DSLRs provide. It is a little confusing why the eight-inch LCD screen is in a 4:3 format (800-by-600 pixels), but the fact that it also will play back a variety of video formats might make up for that a little.

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