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  1. oh yes to robotic eyepatch, does it pan about in it’s little round socket like a manic robot eye should?

  2. Put it on facing behind you, and link it’s video out port to a small view-port LCD over one eye, eye-tap style. Congratulations, you can now see both in front of you and behind you at the same time, without depth perception perhaps…

    Whatever happened to that Korean made “camball” that showed up here a few months ago?

  3. Oh man! It’s like a cyborg Mad-Eye Moody!

    That would be totally sweet.

    Or you could be a film pirate! Sailing the seven torrent trackers, sitting in theaters and recording movies with your innocent camcorder eyepatch! Plundering and taking what ye will!

    The costume possibilities are endless.

  4. hey, didn’t you all do a post about a woman missing an eye that wanted to know about the possibility of having a camera or somehting in her eye socket. Sign her up for the eye patch camcorder.

  5. It’s only so big because it’s got everything inside: camera, SD-card interface and power source. A mobile phone’s camera is only this big: , so imagine just having a the lens separate and connected by a cable to the rest of the device in your pocket (looping the cable through behind your ears for example).

    I’d buy that..

  6. @MDGreen #7: Indeed, if you combine this with Evernote and an Eye-Fi card, then Bush’s Memex is actually and truly available now. (That is, if you can get past the creep factor of trusting your documentstream to a company whose EULA says they “will not monitor, edit, or disclose the contents of Licensee’s private communications, except in the following circumstances: (i) if required to do so by applicable Laws”)

  7. Funny, my first impression was that it looks like a tefillin for some sort of Cyber-Judaism. The philosophical ramifications of using a camera for a phylactery are kind of mind-blowing.

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