Jared's Cube: a beautiful and strange thing


Jared Tarbell's cube echoes everything we can organize and understand--until we look closer, and contemplation of it returns us to the dream.

Either that, or someone ressurected Tycho Brahe, got him drunk, and sat him at a CNC.

Lasercut from walnut, hand-assembled, finished with flax seed oil (and other mysterious, and perhaps even magical, ingredients). This is a prototype he made for an upcoming related series still a work in progress.

This photo really doesn't do it justice, as it's so much more "alive" in person. (fault my photography, not the cube) Despite it's digital origins, it comes across as very "old-world-y", extremely tangible and approachable, it practically begs me to explore it. Exquisite. 🙂

See the die-cut original here.

Jared's Cube [Dave Bollinger's Flickr]

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