Shocker: we aren't buying as many expensive Macs

Here's the Wall Street Journal, quoting NPD numbers:

Apple Inc.'s unit sales of computers through U.S. retail channels fell 6% in January from the same month in 2008, the first monthly decline in three years, according to market-research firm NPD Group.

The data suggest that Apple's premium pricing, which helped boost revenue when demand was strong, may be hurting the company now that consumers are being more careful about their spending amid the recession.

That people would argue this would not be the case ... it still baffles me.

Update: Commenter Dssstrkl makes a great point:

How about we consider the fact that MacBook sales went up in January, and it's Mac desktop sales that are down. Big surprise there. The current iMac is over 10 months old, the mac pro is over a year old and the mini hasn't been updated since August 2007! There's a massive pent-up demand for new and modern desktop Macs. Watch the numbers go through the roof when Apple finally gets off it's collective ass and pushs through some new systems.

Apple Stumbles on Price Pressure [WSJ]

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