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Recently on Offworld we've seen things you'll only find here:: Margaret Robertson on what it means to go home again in World of Warcraft, a brilliant exclusive vintage arcade music video from Adventure, James Kochalka's latest Nintendo Mii comic, and the Lost Levels bringing 8-bit characters dancing into real life.

Things from the indies: Introversion toying with augmented reality global thermonuclear war, a new look at Polytron's upcoming Fez, Braid coming to the PC, a phantasmagoric trailer for Super Meat Boy, a game that only one person in the world can play at a time, two fantastic games for the DIY Meggy Jr RGB, and the gloriously backward looking/forward thinking Jumpman.

Also, things for iPhone: an early look at IG Fun's version of BioShock, a typographer's game that'll sate your lust for Helvetica, CrossFyre, a tower defense/shooter mashup, a new look at Konami's Metal Gear Solid Touch, the still-secret retro-futurist The Plumber Is Dead, the new deeply AI-driven pet sim Touch Pets Dogs, and Aurora Feint making the platform communal with a social networking SDK.

Nintendo things: a new side-scrolling real time strategy game from the makers of de Blob, the first news of America's version of the new DSi, Katamari Damacy coming to the DS (above), the much under-loved Mr. Driller doing the same, and Mario and Animal Crossing DS apps coming alongside brilliant looking new ArtStyle puzzle games.

Oh right, and lots and lots and lots and lots of Noby Noby Boy.

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