A timeless timepiece, ornately decorated


Aranwen's "Steampunk Cuff Bracelet" transcends all three words of its understated name. [Deviant Art via Ffffound]

Good price, too, for a handmade item: just $230 at her Etsy store. (Thanks, Snarp!)

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  1. Very nice. Steampunk meets Lensman? Of course one needs the proper outfit to carry it off, though there are several possibilities.

  2. I remember, back in the day, the shitty “steampunk Nerf gun” mods that once showed up here for a brief time, but the tables have turned! Some of the most wonderfully constructed gewgaws are aiming for the same feel, but doing it right.

  3. I would have used a different font on the face. I’m not sure which, but something like Palatino Linotype or Tiranti Solid LET. And the watch hands need more, er, curilicueness. (Curlicueity?)

    And with such a bold armband, why such a shy watch? It should be the size of the silver ring immediately around the watch.

  4. This design has a digital watch as its centrepiece! To me it highlights the superficiality of (at least some) steampunk.

    The automatic, self-winding, spring-powered mechanical wristwatch with emeralds as bearing surfaces and an open back and face surely has more baroque, victorian, gears-and-steam appeal than a dressed-up digital watch.

    Try harder.

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