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Recently on Offworld, we saw EA partner with an indie developer to create an official 2D version of Mirror's Edge, played a new 'multi-single-player' game where you team up with the ghosts of your previous lives, downloaded Commodore 64 games on the Wii, and saw Braid coming to the Mac.

We also saw a new iPhone game that crosses wacky wallwalkers with LittleBigPlanet's ragdoll charm, more retro-futurist Space Invaders Extreme for DS, Unreal Tournament mixed with Mario, and LittleBigPlanet and Rock Band officially announced for the PSP (!).

We also rounded up all the best iPhone "Lite" games you should be playing, read about how 'The Wrestler's Wrestle Jam game was made, made our own Earthbound toys and Metroid plushes, and heard about Tetris Be@rbricks and Metal Gear toys.

Finally, we daydreamed of a world where indie games were the new punk, and did our part to spread two new memes: one where you describe game plots from end to beginning, and one where you imagine a restaurant designed by your favorite game developer.

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