Epson R-D1xG rangefinder camera isn't for plebes, but is pleasantly knobby


Before you lose it, I know: this Epson R-D1xG digital rangefinder camera costs three grand. So I'm not saying you should buy it. Nor am I saying that it's going to be worth the money, especially with a relatively ancient 6-megapixel sensor (albeit a fairly large one).

But it has a manual shutter lever! As Randolph Fritz noted when he suggested we take a look at the R-D1xG, a thumb-cocked shutter saves on battery life, making this a green product.

(Rangefinders aren't everyday cameras sold to everyday point-and-shooters, but even for a model with a history like the R-D1, that's a whole lot of money.) [via The Online Photographer]

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