Apple introduces new iMacs: 24" now $1,500


Spec bumps across the board, but no surprises on the design and hardware front. The best part is that everything is a bit cheaper than the last-gen stuff: a brand-new 24" iMac now starts at just $1,500.

The iMacs move conclusively to 24" as standard, with only a single offering at 20": a 2.66GHz model with a 320GB hard drive, 2GB of RAM. four USB ports and one Firewire 800. It's $1,200.

$1,500 will get you the cheapest 24", which has similar specs, but 4GB of RAM and a 640GB hard drive. For $1,800, you get bumped to a 2.93GHz processor and a better video card, the Nvidia GeForce GT. A $2,200 model has a 3.06 GHz chip, Nvidia GeForce GT 130 with 512MB RAM and a full terabyte of storage.

Apple introduces new iMacs with more affordable pricing [Apple Insider]

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  1. My that’s a big photo, it’s almost life size! Those are impressive specs, remember when just the Apple 24″ LCD cost that much?

  2. Yeah, I’m teasing myself with the idea of a 3GHz iMac with 8GB of RAM and a terabyte hard drive…

  3. Still no 30″ iMac. 🙁

    Then again, March is always for refreshes between MacWorld in January and WWDC in June — when new products are announced.

    (The other refresh date is just after the end of August back-to-school sales.)

  4. The numpad keyboard is still available as a no-extra-charge option.

    Also, “NVIDIA GeForce GT” is a product line, not a video card. The $1,800 model has a 256MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 120, formerly known as the GeForce 9500. The GT 130 is the new name for the GeForce 9600. Only the names are new.

    The 20″ and base 24″ have the integrated 9400M, same as the new mini.

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