Morning tech deals highlights


Monitor – Dell 22-inch LCD panel (E228WFP) for $160, shipped. Only 1,680 by 1,050 pixels, however. [Slickdeals]

Solar Bluetooth Sun Visor – The Iqua Vizor is powered by the strength of a thousand suns, but will operate with as few as one. It clips to your car's sun visor to provide wireless, handsfree operation. $50 shipped. [Dealhack]

Tools – Craftsman 260-piece mechanics' tool set in a chest for $100, shipped. I've stopped myself from buying toolsets about five times since I moved into a house with a garage, but I'm trying to wait until I actually try to tune up my car before I go buying random tools. [Dealoco]

Strange Netbook – The Alpha 400 MIPS 7-inch netbook is $160, shipped. Great deal, but it's a 800 by 480 pixel LCD, just 128MB of RAM, and a 400MHz processor. Not really recommended when you can get decent Atom-based stuff for under $200, but I thought I'd point it out. [Dealnews]

Home Theater Kit – Sony BRAVIA HT-DDW795 5.1-channel home theater system, including receiver and speakers, for $100. It's refurbished, but I bet it's a fine bit of gear for that price. [Dealnews]

GPS – The Pioneer AVICF500BT just dropped another $10 to $190, shipped. This is the one I used when driving cross-country last week and despite some quirks, I really like it. I'd like to test a more recent Garmin or TomTom before giving it a final seal of approval, but once you figure out its somewhat obtuse interface, it's really quite a bit of kit for the price. [Dealnews]

Dog Car Harness – Run a zip line between the ohshit handles of your car, then clip your pup on top for perfect posture. $39, shipped. [Dealnews]

Today's Woot is already sold out.

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  1. Again with that Pioneer rig… 😉

    I did end up getting that Nuvi 760 you folks featured here a while back, and so far it’s pretty cool.
    Updated it gets the new City maps, but I don’t think I got upgraded to lifetime traffic updates. Only the trial for me there.

    Either way I’ve jumped on quite a few deals you’ve featured, all to my satisfaction. 🙂

  2. arrrgh. sony reporting the HTIB is sold out. sucks, since for that price, the sub and a couple satelites would be worth it.

  3. And here I thought “ohshit handle” was a phrase my brother-in-law (El Guappo) invented back in the late-80’s.

    Glad to see it made it into the wild.

    Incidentally, we refer to them as OSH** around the kiddies.

    The OSH is also convenient for gripping to facilitate relatively pain-free breathing following rib-cracking skiing mishaps.

    **not to be confused with Orchard Supply Hardware

  4. I’ve also heard it referred to as the “Jesus Handle.” Because people frequently say “Jesus!” as they grab it.

  5. Please let us know how the Pioneer GPS compare against Garmins . Especially interesting would be comparing against the new ones ending in 5 (e.g. 255, 205) Those are suppose to be super fast .
    the fact that the pioneer is on windows scares me ( bugs/slow/etc.) but the screen size is irresistible.

    On tools, I find it more satisfying getting what I need from harbor freight. as much as I like new tools, it’s hard to justify the cost savings from fixing your own car , if you spend tons on tools.

  6. When we were kids learning to drive, one of my friends dove into a corner, tires squealing. His dad in the passenger seat grabbed the ohshit handle and yelled, “gott-almighty Steven! Slow down!” Instantly christening them “gott-almighty handles.”

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