Upgraded Mac Pro $300 cheaper


A basic Mac Pro now sports a 2.66GHz Xeon, 3GB of ECC memory, 640GB of space and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 video card with 512MB of RAM. This package is $2,500, knocking $300 off the old entry fee.

Mini DisplayPort joins DVI at the back, and for those with the dough, it can be configured to the stars: a $3,300 model comes with eight cores and 6GB of RAM, and a fully-maxed 32GB model with 4TB of space in a RAID array, and 2.93Ghz chips, costs as much as a Toyota Yaris.

Apple Introduces New Mac Pro [Apple]

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  1. So they can upgrade the Mac Pro and sell it for $300 less. Great. Now how about downgrading it?

    Maybe they can still sell one of these with an honest-to-goodness Core 2 Duo before Jobs gets back.

  2. The base Mac Pro is not cheaper than the old model, it is $200 or $300 more expensive. You are comparing the new base SINGLE CPU model to the old DUAL CPU model. On the old Mac Pro, you had the option to delete the second CPU resulting in a Mac pro that sold for $2299.

    That $2299 Mac Pro, by the way, had the same 32GB RAM capacity as the more expensive models, rather than an 8GB limit and half the number of RAM slots like the new low-end model has.

    Yes, the high-end Mac Pro gives more for less money than the model it replaces, but at the low single-CPU end, things were better yesterday in many ways.

  3. I just built an quad core with 8 gigs of ram with a kick ass Mobo for 900. Apple Schmapple.

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