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  1. Yeah, Jeff is famous for this laugh. That’s not something artificial he is doing for the camera, he really has that insane (and loud) laugh. It’s funny when you hear it across the building, or in the stairwell. Makes a pretty good Jeff Bezos locating beacon at Amazon.

    Having said that, he’s scary-intimidating. I guess you get that right when you are worth a kazillion dollars.

    In terms of content, I thought Jon was a little harsh on Jeff for the Kindle2. Admittedly it’s the wrong time to launch a useless gadget, but it fits right in the Daily Show demographic.

    (anonymous for a reason!)

    examzn and glad not to be there anymore

  2. I want to see the whole clip. Even if Bezos is a bit wacky, I bet John Stewart was probably being extra hilarious.

  3. That would be me if I ever had the (mis)fortune of being on the Daily Show.

    Not that I’m close to doing anything worthy of getting me on there.

  4. I watched the Bezos interview and while the laughing was awkward, Jeff seemed like a nice guy!

  5. When I was an intern for Amazon you could always tell if he was having lunch in the cafeteria that day — long before seeing him, you could hear his laugh halfway across the floor.

    I think it’s awesome.

  6. The guy might be nice and all, but I also thought the laugh was weird when I was watching the broadcast. I think he was making Jon a little uncomfortable.

    I wonder how much Amazon paid to promote Kindle 2 on the Daily Show like that? Must be a few million. Personally I was more than a little surprised that this show would go so far off topic as to do a whole “interview” that was essentially a paid advertisement. Generally when they promote something, the guest usually has something else to bring to the table, and Jon hones in on that something else as much as possible. Bezos had nothing else, except that laugh. And Jon didn’t even fight back.

  7. Way too cynical, #9.

    Jon likes to read, and it’s only natural for him to interview someone promoting a new way to buy and read books.

  8. “I wonder how much Amazon paid to promote Kindle 2 on the Daily Show like that? ”

    Probably more then Apple or Nintendo. Though at least with Amazon the guy came down and talk to them about the product rather then a blatant “buy this shit AD”.

  9. @ #2, Jon was being his usual funny and Jeff Bezos kept laughing like a maniac.

    That’s what made the whole interview awkward. If he would have used half the time he spent laughing and trying to be funny into pointing out the key points of the kindle 2.0, it would have been a good interview.

  10. It is true-
    Jeff Bezos actually normally laughs like that. I’ve heard stories from people that work with him at one of his interests.

    Again, this post is also anonymous for a reason.

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