ThruYou, an album made entirely from YouTube clips, far greater than the sum of its parts


ThruYou is a seven-track dub and breakbeat album created entirely using samples from user-contributed YouTube videos. It's the coolest thing you'll see today, and not just because of the remix nature of it, but how it takes these amateur contributions and by contextualizing them draws out their best elements. Not so much the little clips cut into rhythm hits, but the solos. Check out the third track, "I M New": Not only is the rap break almost entirely uncut, the coda matches a cut up piano performance perfectly with one girl looking into her computer's webcam and singing what she hopes will someday be a song on her professionally produced album. And now it is.

Also worth noting: A ton of interesting synths and oscillators on display in track four, "Babylon Band", a track I would embed except that the artist Kutiman actually uses a custom Flash page, not a standard YouTube interface. Still, lots of good stuff here for synth nerds.

Did I mention the songs are great? They are.

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