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It's an idea we've all had, and which many of us have implemented ad-hoc. In fact, my Airport Extreme is still mounted on pebbles stolen from a desktop zen garden, a measure rendered necessary because I piled books on top of it and it got very hot.

The real genius is, of course, getting down to the job of designing, manufacturing and marketing something useful to people who do not have desktop zen gardens to hand. Hence, the inexpensive Laptop Lifts, which do exactly what you imagine they do. likes them.

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  1. Most hardware stores carry some variety of adhesive rubber feet.

    If it becomes popular, I can’t wait for the edict to issue from Cupertino forbidding the faithful from rubberfoot iconoclasm.

  2. I keep dozens of LRF on hand in at least 3 sizes. I buy them on eBay in bulk because they’re a common replacement item on electronics items that I work on. Adding LRF to any power-intensive unit makes a big difference to the operating temperature.

  3. or you could just buy a laptop that isn’t a mac, and actually is designed to allow some airflow around the bottom.

  4. The story goes that Spencer Gifts (remember them?) would keep track of everyone who bought their rotary nose-hair trimmers that they sold in their catalog. This list was then sold, at a good profit, to other mail order catalog companies. Why? Because anyone could trim nose hairs with a small pair of scissors. Buying the trimmer pegged you as a rube who could be conned into buying other stupid gadgets that didn’t need to exist.

    Behold the Laptop Lift – the nose-hair trimmer of the 21st century. Suckers.

  5. Art Carnage, that’s like saying “People who buy bottled water are suckers” or complaining that we have it so easy in the West.

    You’re not espousing a clever or enlightening position: you’re just regurgitating the very obvious idea that paying for convenience is stupid.

    At a gadget blog.

  6. Hi- We are the avid laptop users who created Laptop Lifts. They’re not like hardware store feet. They were made especially to take the heat and stay on permanently. As consumers we’ve tried all the solutions (including home made ones) and that’s how Laptop Lifts were born. You won’t have to keep buying bags of feet over and over again!

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