Together Forever: Bollywood and Israeli Arms Dealers

I had high hopes for Danger Room's new "Iron Eagles" feature, in which Noah Shachtman selects the most atrocious promotional videos from the military-industrial complex and gives them a big award for being so awful. And while the first entry from the U.S. Army's Future Combat Systems was solid, it was a little straight ahead for me. (I mean, it even has CG of a fleet of drones taking off to a disaster zone, which may be corny but is also totally awesome.)

But the latest Iron Eagle is what I'm talking about: A Bollywood-style number based on a Rick Astley number from Israeli arms-maker Rafael, tiled towards missile buyers in the Indian government. This is the sort of media I think we can all agree that death dealers should be producing. I award it a special bonus prize, the "Breakdancing Kali".

In Hebrew, Rafael means "It is God who heals".

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  1. Personally, I’d really like to see a video of Kali (or any other multiarmed deity) breakdancing. I’d even settle for a breakdancing octopus.

  2. Indian Air Force General: I want to buy the missiles from Rafael!

    Indian Defense Minister: But why? There are much better missiles available these other people!

    Indian Air Force General: I dunno. There was something catchy about that song, and that girl was so hot!

  3. This just reeks of awesomeness. Can you imagine the corporate gyrations required to get something like this made?

  4. this is less a comment than a suggestion — I am gimpy wii surfer for whom most embed vids are broken — but a youtube link would fix? plz?

  5. I thought Deal of the Century was a parody.

    Apparently it was lower key than the real thing.

    Dinga Dinga Dee

  6. are the girls there to keep the missiles erect and ready?

    also, I have seen test units of an indian super jet fighter so I don’t see why they bother with other peoples missiles, they should make their own.

    and this would go good with the indian gingle someone made about how one should always trust their condom.

    @#1 technogeek

    “I’d even settle for a breakdancing octopus.”

    watch the scene that they cut from ‘the goonies’ cause they realized it was too silly.. they get rid of giant octopus by playing music so it break dances away.

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