Prototyping Canesta's gesture-based television controls

Design firm Kicker Studio did this case study for 3D sensor manufacturer Canesta, experimenting with ways to control home entertainment systems with motion-sensing cameras and gestures. Seems a perfectly reasonable way to do it, although I would prefer a much more subtle amount of motion.

When prototyping the system, Kicker made this peculiar discovery (emphasis mine):

ith a set of research subjects, we did scenario-based prototyping, with paper and simulated screens. After watching people attempt our gestural set, we quickly added to our list of principles No emphatic gestures. We found that the more elaborate gestures made some users feel like they were “angry” at their TV. We also eliminated a number of gestures that seemed comfortable in our small room, but when put to the test seemed overly tiring.

Below, foam models that the Kicker studio carved in an attempt to make an aftermarket version of Canesta's cameras, which may be sold as add-ons as well as embedded directly into television.

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