Old Russian analog viewfinder gives Lumix LX3 Red zazz


Aaphovasse tells us:

Not wanting to spend 300 dollars for the Lumix LX3 viewfinder, I found this one on one of old Russian cameras I got in Moscow many years ago. The wide angle setting works perfectly for the 16:9 aspect ratio. Upon seeing it, my daughter (who inherited the LX2) rolled her eyes and accused me of being a complete photard, but at least now I have a viewfinder. The LX2, and now the LX3 are the first cameras I ever owned without one. Though I am well used to using the digital screen by now, there is great comfort in being able to frame your image close to your eye.

For some reason this makes me want to listen to "Hell March."

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  1. Oh yay, another camera without a viewfinder and a ‘Leica’ lens not made in Germany. Gag me.

  2. Ah, interesting. I’ve been considering getting something like this for times when I shoot with an IR filter on my D40. Since I can’t see through the viewfinder, I have to guess the composition, but an accessory viewfinder might help with that.

    (I’m too cheap to get the camera IR converted, so I just put an IR filter on the front and crank the ISO to 1600. The results are noisy, but interesting.)

  3. I thought Photards were basically Photons that for whatever reason arrive to the sensing mechanism slightly later than other Photons generated at the same place in the same instant.

    While some theories put forth the idea that Photards are being slowed by dark matter or another as-yet undiscovered force in the universe, the general consensus among scienticians is that they’re simply late to the game and not equipped to play.
    No matter what the reason, Photards invariably score substantially lower in standardized scholastic testing and warrant a separate environment from the general population based on these results.

    Really one of the more unfortunate subatomic particles, and I’m sorry you brought it up.

  4. Could that viewfinder be used as some sort of sighting scope for a rifle? I can’t help but feel like the damn thing has some kind of weapon-like aura around it.

    I mean, just look at it- it’s like it could kill you or something. I want one!

  5. That LX3 is a seriously attractive camera… drool.

    Strider, I love your definition of Photard.

  6. (Sheez… It’s very rude to call them “photards”. They prefer to be called “differently photonic”. You guys are such cavemen!)

  7. Props to the cross gender of soviet cameras!
    Liecas are pretty, but I’ve also witnessed beautiful images with soviet made cameras.. which is why I bought a Zorki 4. It fits nicely with old Kodak brownie cameras I use (example: http://monitorhead.awardspace.com ), as well as the D200 in my collection. Lol

  8. Old Russian rangefinders are awesome. The purest embodiment of what a camera should look like. And the optics are not too shabby.

    The LX3 is awesome. The only compact digicam designed for people who understand what makes for good image quality (a fast, wide, stabilized lens, manual exposure controls, and a not-too-grainy sensor, i.e. not a ton of megapixels).

    So, yeah, way to combine them!

    All it’s missing now is a Ricoh RC1 lens cap

  9. And… the really important thing is that this camera is awesome in it’s picture taking abilities. Forget all the noise about it’s a leica not a leica – when you blow up the pictures to 11 x 17 people won’t be laughing.


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