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  1. I recently got into using a straight razor rather than the wasteful blades of gilette and Shick. Sure it takes a bit more work and definitely more concentration but the results are well worth it. For more info go to on how to use and care for these grooming works of art.

  2. I tried using one of these back in college and decided not to take the time to stick with it and figure out how to do it right, since the first time I tried it took 45 minutes to shave and my face had cuts all over it.

    That being said, my barber shaves my neck every month with a straight razor and the results are great.

  3. anybody notice how this posting popped up right after xeni’s “penis-stealing witchcraft” story on the main page? freudian post?? 🙂

  4. I have a lovely Dovo straight razor my wife got me years ago. I’ve used it a few times, but when it comes to the neck I just turn white and freeze up.

    I thought I knew what sharp was, and then I opened this….

  5. I’ve been debating for years now whether to invest in a straight razor, or compromise with a safety razor that has inexpensive ($0.10 ea) blades, such as the Merkur Classic.

  6. OMFG, #1, that video made me cringe and squirm around in my chair. he even went against the grain, which is something i do with my mach 3, but i don’t think i could do with a straight razor. gaaaaaahhhhhhhHHHHHHHH!

  7. I use a safety razor that used to belong to my grandfather (no, I didn’t kill him to get it, I like his series of strokes do my dirty work). It’s a nice shave. It is a bit of a pain finding the razors. Not really bad, but when I see them, I buy more than one pack because they don’t seem to stock them often. I have to hit a few Targets and Walgreens to find them when I run out. I got a cheap straight razor to practice with but haven’t yet.

    Check antique stores for old razors. They’re cheap and they feel great and well balanced in the hand.

  8. I used to use a straight razor in college. It’s a great shave, but it takes a while to do it right.

    I also used to shave with a safety razor (a Merkur HD). This was nice, and was cheap, but it also takes a while to do it right. To get a shave as good as a Mach3 I had to spend about 15 minutes.

    Eventually I decided that my morning 15 minutes were worth the price difference in terms of blade cost.

  9. I’ve been using a straight razor for years. Got sick of paying for blades, made the switch, never looked back. Only ever cut myself twice, and neither one was worse than what I’d occasionally get from a “safety” razor. Easily saved myself more than enough to justify the initial investment and the occasional fresh bar of goat’s milk shaving soap.

  10. This brings back wonderful childhood memories… Instead of Star Wars action figures I used to collect knives as a child in the ’80s. I have a bunch of antique straight razors in my collection in a box somewhere at my parents. The first time I ever shaved was with one of those. I also carried one for protection after my grandfather taught me how the gangs from the ’30s in Portland, Oregon used to hold them in a knife fight.

  11. I bet the family of the bloke in the video just love having all that soap scum & hairs in the kitchen sink.

  12. The fellow in the youtube video is named Willie. That video has made the rounds on all the shaving forums and most of us that use a straight razor are not so crazy.

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