This is a video of a girl in a NES controller bikini

Francesco writes:

Amano Ai is a super geek Japanese idol well know in the otaku underground as a photographer (under the name JULIE she published the photobook SAMURAI GIRLS and made some photoshootings with DANNY CHOO).

Recently she made an idol video with a 8 bit Nintendo game style bikini! Retrogames + sexy idol = 100% success!

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  1. As one who suffers from (and makes no apologies for) “the fever”. This is the best thing I’ve seen all week… well, 3rd best.

  2. So, in order to maintain gender equality, will BB be posting a video of Bob and his Atari 2600 joystick speedo?

  3. #4, #10: Remember that the “Lolita” style (dressing/roleplaying as schoolgirl, sometimes but not necessarily with innuendo) has become something of a tradition in Japan. This is an example of that style/fantasy.

    Even when suggestive or more, as long as it is adults playing games I consider it mostly harmless.

    (The only reason I hesitate slightly is the slight question of whether kids too young to realize that it is adult play emulate it and get reactions they can’t handle and/or later regret. But the answer may be more to explain the risks than to ignore it and hope it goes away.)

  4. god damn japanese chicks are gorgeous.

    can you really blame all the japanese lolicons when their 23 year olds look 16?

  5. An “idol video”? That’s like, a real thing, that we’re taking seriously now and acting like grown-ups say that?

  6. Too much attention paid to the model and not enough to the actual bikini. Can’t you see I don’t care About attractive women when there’s nerdy swimwear to be discussed?

  7. the only way i can ever accurately guess how old anyone is is to count the wrinkles on their elbows.

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