HP Mini 2140 reviewed: "You get what you pay for."


HP's Mini 2140, with its 1024x576 screen and 3-cell battery, is faster than the 2133 it replaces but has a lower-resolution display. Brad likes it as reviewed, but reminds us that if we wait a month, HP will makes the "1366 x 768 pixel display available ... it will be one of the first companies to offer a sub-$500 netbook with an HD screen". [Lilliputing]

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5 Responses to HP Mini 2140 reviewed: "You get what you pay for."

  1. Garr says:

    lol. Marketing.

    So now simple WXGA (or anything similar to that) is “HD”?

  2. Agies says:

    By definition WXGA is HD.

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    Hell, by some official definition, anything over 480, including this dismal 576p spec right here, is HD. Australia specifically defines 576p as HD: http://www.broadcastandmedia.com/articles/ff/0c0276ff.asp

    Lol, I say. Lol.

  4. Jerril says:

    … I’m pretty sure Standard Definition is 640×480 or thereabouts. At least as far as TVs go.

    Of course, I’m sitting here with my monitor at 1600 x 1050 wondering when we decided to go BACKWARD with our computer displays.

  5. freshyill says:

    So the burning question: How suitable is it for use as a hackintosh? I’m really itching to buy a Dell mini.

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