Intel says it never heard of Psion's NetBook

SaveTheNetbooks exhaustively covers the latest round in the "Psion owns the trademark" saga. (Short form: Years ago, Psion made a tiny laptop called the NetBook. Intel later started marketing tiny laptops generically as "Netbooks." Then there were lawsuits.)

Intel's filed a response to Psion's counterclaims against Intel's original "Boy is this term generic" filing. Intel makes the following claims, which I have reviewed.

Intel "denies that Psion offered any Netbook laptop computers in the United States after 2003, as confirmed by Psion’s website"

9/10. Intel scores big with this visceral thriller of a claim, which points out that Psion's long-canned gadget was off the scene long before the modern netbooks appeared. Fails to be a classic only because Psion sold a replacement part once or twice a year.

"Intel denies that Psion has advertised its Netbook laptop on its website or otherwise since 2003, after Psion’s website listed that model as discontinued"

8/10. A blockbuster sequel, but a derivative note creeps in after Ripley dies.

"Intel admits that it has used the term “netbook” in its generic sense. Intel denies that it uses the term netbook as a trademark or as an indicator of a sole source to offer any of its products or services."

6/10. Though the intro is cleverly crafted, one feels cheated by a plot that seems at odds with the old Intel Classmate PC website mysteriously scrubbed from That the domain now silently redirects to is hardly a ringing exoneration.

"Intel denies that it commenced use of the term “netbook” with any knowledge of Psion’s claim of existing rights in the term."

2/10. Oh, please.

"Intel denies that Psion has any rights in the term “netbook”"

Was indisposed during original viewing: will file review ASAP. Suspect outcome will (a) disappoint and (b) not matter.

Newsflash: Intel responds to Psion's netbook counter-suit [Save the Netbooks]

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