Canon T1i Digital Rebel has HD video capture


Canon's Rebel T1i DSLR is its first to feature HD video. It is described as an "entry-level juggernaut."

Apart from 1080p video capture at 20 fps and 720p capture at 30gps, it has a 15 megapixel sensor for the stills, ISO speeds up to 3200 (with 6400 and 12800 "additional" settings), and a 3" live view LCD display. It will be $800, or $900 with an EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, from May.

Press release [Canon]

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  1. I guess 1080p and 20fps will be fine for static shots of unmoving objects/landscapes, but any motion is going to look awkward.

    The Nikon D90 does 720p/24fps, and definitely takes some settings tweaking to get decent looking footage. It also uses Motion JPEG to capture the video, which introduces compression artifacts. I wonder the Canon’s MPEG4 capture will result in higher quality video?

    I’m looking forward to side-by-side comparisons when this thing comes out.

  2. 20 frames per second will create too much flicker and motion artefact when the subject moves. It is just Canon’s marketing gimmick to compete with Nkon D90

  3. Video capabilities are usually just added as an afterthought on these DSLRs. I think we’ll see that start to change as the competition heats up.

  4. Sebastian, it seems like the 720p 30fps is better than the D90’s 720p 24fps.

    Yes, the 1080p 20fps is silly, but is probably better than just leaving 1080p out.

  5. 30gps!

    I’ve got the Rebel XTi, and even without video it’s a great little camera. I’m pretty excited about this release, especially since it’s in my price range.

  6. Canon may finally have pushed me over the top and convinced me to (sob) replace my old AE1 and FTbn bodies and FD-series lenses.

  7. It seems like they could upgrade the firmware to the 50D I’ve got to enable video if they can put video capture in this one!

    I was shooting an event a few weeks ago and another photographer was taking 1080p video with his 5D MkII using the 50mm f/1.8 and later the 24-70mm f/2.8. He says the quality is definitely up to par with most HD cam corders, and the glass you can get, of course, is way better than anything affordable on a video camera.

    Oh, and I did most of my shooting at 1600 ISO and the pictures were definitely crisp. I find I can use that mode with an f/2.8 lens and get some nice shots without disturbing the party / event using the flash.


  8. As others have said, high ISO is good if you want to either stop motion (including further reducing camera shake when hand-holding long lenses) or shoot in low light without flash. I do my best to shoot available-light and handheld whenever possible; a more sensitive camera extends the range of the possible.

  9. Well, at least it’s not an obscure un-readable format like Sony’s… It is an AVI or MOV output, right?

  10. The mono mic kills it for me. Oh, and the lack of a mic in. Then again, you could record stereo audio with something else and just sync it with the good picture. . . . hmm.

  11. I have an xti (400d) and everytime I see a new body I get excited until I realize that if I had an extra k for camera gear, I would get the 24-70L and if I had 2k, I would get also get a better flash and a decent tripod.

  12. Wow. What a half-assed way to go HD, Canon.

    1080/20p? WTF? Great for high-def youtube videos at 50% frame rate.

    And the huge feature missing from all these entry-level DSLR/HD hybrids save one: A microphone jack!

    At this point, the Panasonic DMC-GH1 is looking more appealing by the day. Real 1080/24p and 720/60p video, stereo mic built in, plus an external mic jack.

  13. @JosephLRC, you don’t need a grand for a great tripod and flash, my Velbon Chaser 4 I bought for a hundred bucks and Strobist recommends relatively cheap gear all the time. You don’t need an expensive tripod, just one you find comfortable to carry around and use. You don’t need TTL metering, don’t feel like you need to spend that crazy money, you can probably get both for about three hundred.

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