Super-Secret Spy Lens for DSLRs from Photojojo


Photojojo sells the "Super-Secret Spy Lens" ($50-$55, depending on adapter ring) with a 90-degree mirror inside, making it possible to take photos surreptitiously askance, provided your target does not notice the giant hole in your lens. Perhaps you could cut a sheet of polarizing film inside? [via CNET]

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  1. Hello,

    I got this adapter because I like to take candid shots of people and people freeze up whenever they see an SLR pointed their way. I haven’t really tried to use this since I bought it because upon experimenting with it, I found it really difficult to aim the camera and frame the subject because your sense is completely skewed. It’s like trying to do something while looking at a mirror. I think this is a matter of practice but what I found most disappointing was that it isn’t really discreet at all. Upon quick inspection most people quickly realize what you are doing, therefore defeating the purpose of the whole gadget. All in all, I am not really satisfied with this purchase but I will give it another chance when I am in the mood for experimenting.

  2. This has been available for at least 35 years — probably longer. (I remember seeing it, along with a lot of other cheap-and-cheerful photo stuff, in the Spirotone catalog.)

  3. Seems like there’d be a market for a $99 digicam that looked like a $99 digicam, except that it took pictures from some aperture in the side. (Easily done and easily hidden–just turn the innards of the camera 90 degrees to the left, and put the lens behind a shiny piece of plastic, like a one-way mirror or some such.) You could make it economical by not bothering with a decent lens, a big fat sensor, or any of the fancy “standard options” that come packaged with idiot-proof snapshot cameras these days.

    The upside would be that you’d attract no attention. The downside would be that you’d be taking crappy, non-studio-quality photos with your less-than-bargain-basement camera, meaning that you’d have to face up to the fact that you’re a creepy/stalker/pervert/voyeur type and not a shy artist.

    I think those are both features, not bugs!

  4. A 90 degree mirror would not do you much good. Methinks you mean a 45 degree mirror, which allows you to take a picture at 90 degrees.

  5. This might be a year old topic already, but it is in no way less interesting. I don’t think the big hole is very stealthy though. I wish they made a reflective outer surface for the side of the lens with a hidden see through one way glass. 🙂

  6. The reason they didn’t cover the hole is because any curved transparent material will act as a cylindrical lens and spoil the photo. The solution is simple. Make it square. A lens with a square cross section would be a bit funny, but it allows a one-way glass on the side. You can also make the top and bottom surfaces curved, and only keep the left and right side flat.

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