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  1. Not just any minifig… minifigs modelled after you.

    The nerdometre is reading “need”, not “want”.

  2. I was wondering too how many each employee becomes .. and how quickly we will find those on ebay

  3. The photograph of the production line (Image 2) in that gallery is very cool.

    Fiona does indeed look hot.

  4. Very very cool and extremely desirable; but (ah, there’s always a ‘but’) it must be a bit of a bugger carrying a bunch of ’em around in your pocket; to hand out at, for example, a conference?

    Just a thought (and perhaps one prompted by sheer envy).

  5. You know, though, that if you went to a business conference and picked up a couple dozen of these, the bloom would be off the rose pretty quick. Alternatively, imagine someone who gave you one stopping by your cubicle and finding out that you, ah, put their doppelganger in an interesting, if not compromising, position during a dull moment.

  6. Someone less lazy than me should try and figure out how much it would cost to create these yourself…

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