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  1. It’s a representation of the chip.
    That’s no good.

    If the chip is that size, gold plate it…or something and make it out of the real thing!

    THAT could be any old chip that happens to share the same form factor!

    I don’t want a diamond rendered in gold!

  2. A 24-pin DIP. One of the more common chip packages.

    How do you know it’s from an Atari? And not from the Coke machine in the hotel hallway?

  3. That’s what I’m saying, Paul.

    A thin coat of gold on the top of a bona-fidey like chip might let the imprint show through, and THAT would be the hotness methinks.

  4. Nice idea! Real chip or not…
    I do agree that for the ones that holds this particular chip close to their cardiovascular double system single pump, might like to muse over the fact that they are wearing a genuine 1981 ATARI chip – that was in fact part of the legendary dawn of these machines, and are still objects of great fascination and empirical importance.
    However, the average (ignorant?) commoner will surely never beset their minds, even though they are fully cognizant to the concept of this being an amusing representation.

    PS! It could become a secret sign for the circuit benders to recognize each other out there:)

    E – Norway

  5. Many years ago, a relative who worked in Intel gave me a necklace with the pendant being a gold frame of a real pentium chip (probably defective one) inside. It was only available inside Intel’s own gift shop. They should make it available to the general public, because everytime I wear it, someone ask about it. Of course it may not be as cool as Atari chip, but they did include a real thing inside.

  6. Freebies from chipmakers used to be more common, in my experience.. I have two Athlon paperweights, lucite containing real Athlon socket A packages; a keychain from Intel containing a pentium-60 chip – the chip, not the package! and back in the day they gave me a working 486DX100, complete with a heatsink as high as it was wide – biggest thing I’d ever seen.

    Back to the ring topic, tho, I think I need an 8086 for maximum bling — 40-pin package would cover multiple fingers for the brass knuckle or rapper-name effect.

    Or get enough various different rings to have a motherboard on your hand. “Is that a punch out, or did I just LOG YOU ON!”

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