Hotelicopter is not real, sadly


"Hotelicopter" is a remodeled prototype Soviet MiL Mi-V12, now filled with 18 cabins and suites. It will be making an innaurgral tour through North American destinations this summer, with prices to be announced soon. (Expect to pay a considerable premium over your typical live-aboard helicopter stay.)

It is certainly not a real thing, as the obviously rendered video implies, but instead a viral promotion for a stay-at-the-airport hotel company.

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  1. Well, yeah, no shit. If you’ve been in a helicopter you’ll know how noisy they are, and that there’s no way they could pack in enough sound insulation to make one acceptable as a luxury hotel room.

  2. Are there any Mi-12s still flying? I thought the Mi-26 was the heavy lifter of choppers these days.

  3. Och. Not only do those annoying laws of physics prevent our world from being a world with wonderful things like hotelicopters – now even the video has been deleted.

    Anyway, I’d guess two rotors and turbines would probably not create enough lift for that monster, with the law of scale and everything. Not when the rooms come with bathrooms.

  4. #7 Well, it can lift about 88,000 pounds, so it can lift a two story house, just not the foundation.

  5. Maybe if this thing at 6 rotors of that size and could still fly on 3 it might be safe and marketable. That would be one big helicopter.

  6. I went to the site (, and hotelicopter is a real company launching on Wednesday. If it’s not a flying hotelicopter, anybody know what it could be?

  7. when i went to, it is a search engine for hotels. rates and all. to think that it could be real. sigh.

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