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Coming up: BBG explores heat

Check back tomorrow to see what we’ve been, uh, cooking up…

Pure Digital makes cute pocket cams, but which should you buy?

Pure Digital kicked off a revolution with a cheap, dead-simple-to-use pocket camcorder. I bought the Ultra when it launched. The pop-up USB was inspired, and it was fun to capture videos of my pug blinking. Yet with every newer, flashier … Continue reading

I am not an elephant! I am a light fixture! I am a lamp!

Daan van den Berg scanned Ikea’s LAMPAN lamp, infected the form with a digital “elephantiasis” virus, then ran out the result on a 3D printer. [Next Nature]

Review: A week with the Plantronics Voyager Pro

Last Thursday, Plantronics introduced their newest bluetooth headset, the Voyager Pro. It has signal processing software that enhances incoming audio and dual mics with a stainless steel screen, acoustic gore vents, and tiny electronic filters that cancel out wind noise. … Continue reading

Cupertino's tablet netbook: just a concept?

Illustrated by MacFormat’s Adam Benton, this mockup strikes me as convincingly conservative — but only if you accept the proposition that Apple would make it at all. I’ve been imagining something similar, but even smaller. The Apple Netbook [Mac Format] … Continue reading

Guard your pod!

Photo: Jim Barton they’re welcome 2it [Kennington Fox’s Flickr via Cult of Mac]

BB Video review: Tricaster, and the Future of Live Video Online

(Download MP4, or watch on YouTube.) In today’s episode of Boing Boing Video, we review the Tricaster, a compact device that facilitates high-quality live internet video broadcast production for a lot less dough than the equivalent amount of traditional TV … Continue reading

New MediaSmart box cuts price (and corners)

Monolithic in design and simple in principle, HP’s latest MediaSmart home server, the LX195, runs Windows HS and has a single 640GB hard drive, gigabit ethernet, a 1.GHz Atom CPU and just 1GB of RAM. Though the specs are unimpressive, … Continue reading

Energizer-branded Wiimote charger up for pre-order

This Energizer-branded inductive WiiMore charger lets you juice up the sticks without removing their sheaths. It’s $50. Wii Energizer 2x Induction Charge Station [Amazon]

$10 Wii Soap

Nintendo Wiimote Wii remote replica soap [Digitalsoaps@etsy via Gizmodo via Gadget Venue]