Video: Teenage Engineering and the OP-1 Synthesizer

Music Radar caught Teenage Engineering, makers of the OP-1 portable synthesizer and controller, at the first day of Frankfurt Musikmesse '09. Not a whole lot more information is available, but it pretty much shoots down the bizarre claims some folks were making in the comments that the OP-1 is a hoax or April Fool's prank.

PreviouslyTeenage Engineer OP-1 synth & controller (sound test)

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  1. Looks like fun.

    Hopefully we’ll see this released within the time frame specified.

  2. Another day, another look at it, and still, DO WANT.

    I signed up for the beta, just hope I get a look in!

  3. I signed up for the beta as well. It seems like just the kind of tiny, baggable yummy thing to make long car rides more fun. They keyboard is a bit of an oddity, but I get along pretty well with my NANOKey, and this can only be better than that!

    I especially love the idea of an inbuilt FM radio to grab samples from. I love companies that make fun, brain-twisting features like that a priority.

    Then again, I get a lot done with just beatboxing and singing into the iPhone with Beatmaker…

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