David Pickett's amazing chess set

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Spotted by The Awesomer, David Pickett's chess set unlocks more than just strategic mysteries.

A project from my 3d design class.

A chess set I designed around the function of skeleton keys. The skeleton keys are made of brass. One set was finished in liver sulfur petina and the other set was sandblasted. The wood includes curly maple and walnut.

chess set [David's Photostream]

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  1. David Pickett’s chess set unlocks more than just strategic mysteries.

    Like what? I interpreted the above to mean that turning the keys performed some function, but there’s nothing on the Flickr page to confirm that.

  2. What would enhance this is a similar set utilizing roller skates.

    What? The reference is too old?

  3. Think how mechanically awesome it would be if this set only allowed you to turn the key if the move you’re making were legal. Like this, only prettier.

  4. @3 I rode my bicycle past your window last night. I roller skated to your door at daylight.

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