Reading Rights Coalition to protest Authors Guild whinging about Kindle 2 text-to-speech

The Reading Right Coalition and the National Federation of the Blind will be hosting a protest tomorrow outside the offices of the Authors Guild in an attempt to convince the Guild to quit busting Amazon's balls over the Kindle 2's text-to-speech technology that turns any eBook into a robotic audiobook. (Cory wrote about this a bit just recently.)

Here's their point: "The Coalition believes authors and publishes absolutely have the right to be paid for their work and control the rights to audio performances of their works however, it is discriminatory for authors and publishers to charge disabled consumers more for an e-book than they charge the rest of the general public as the only difference is the method by which the disabled person will read it."

The Kindle 2 is such a boon for the blind and others who have trouble reading printed books. I'm not in New York any more, but if I were I would probably still not actually go protest because I'm really lazy, but I would at least feel guilty about not going. I could sign an online petition, but you know how those work out.

If you're in New York tomorrow, have a more generous heart than I, and want to support the Reading Rights Coalition for a couple of hours starting at noon, here's where they'll be.

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