Welcome Lisa Katayama and Steven Leckart to BBG


Join me in welcoming Lisa Katayama and Steven Leckart to the Boing Boing fold. They'll be coming aboard with Rob and I to work on BBG, although I wouldn't be surprised to see them contributing to Boing Boing and Offworld just every now and again, as well.

You'll get to know them through the blog-o-squawk soon enough, but it'd be a shame to waste such bona fides as our two new contributors have collected.

Lisa you guys will know as a former guestblogger at Boing Boing, as well as her blogging about Japanese culture and tech at her blog Tokyo Mango. She's also contributed to WIRED, Popular Science, and the The New York Times Magazine. (There's a big feature coming up there, isn't there, Lisa? Can you talk about that yet?) And of course she's the author of Urawaza: Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan. She has two min-pins named Malcolm and Ruby (no relation to my car), as per the requirements for BBG contributors. She's @tokyomango and will be her first name at boingboing.net once I figure out how we actually do our email forwards here.

Steven's work has been seen at WIRED, DVICE, GOOD (and was the founder of ALL CAPS MAGAZINE*), as well as the editor of our friend Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools. He also helped Chris Anderson with the books The Long Tail and the upcoming Free as a writing assistant. He has a pug named Gus, as per the requirements for BBG contributors. He's @stevenleckart on Twitter and will be his first name at boingboing.net once I get off my ass and set up that email account. [photo by Jonathan Snyder]

Welcome, you two! I'm stoked to have you aboard our undulating tanker ship of bubbling mutant goo.


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  1. Welcome to the asylum, Lisa and Steven! I’m a big fan and honored you’re with us.

  2. Is it too much to ask for a new picture of Lisa with every post? You know, like trading cards! She’s got such a beautiful smile…

  3. Oh my God Oh my God!
    Lisa of TokyoMango and TableofMalcontents fame!

    Hope that means Japanese Gadgets and fringe culture!


  4. Word on the street is that Steven use to be a lackey for one of those music marketing companies and got a bunch of free Puma schwag…..thus his authority in the concept of “FREE”.

  5. Whatever happened to Brownlee? It seems like he hasn’t posted in a bit. He brought such a lovely sort of creepy uncle vibe to the place.

  6. Do it like a robot, to headspin, to boogaloo
    Took a few minutes to convince the average bug-a-boo
    It’s ugly, like look at you! It’s a damn shame
    Just remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name

  7. Ah, yes– the hot new trend in Japanese culture: holding a small kangaroo against your head.

  8. Hello new people

    Welcome! But, whatever happened to Brownlee?

    A very good question.

  9. Brownlee was a tragic, tragic loss, – (and the lack of information on his departure is sure to imply some sort of former-eastern-block Russian doll-type situation; where does it end?) – but Lisa is a win win win. The other guy, well, he doesn’t look like a felon. Good pedigree(but horrible pedicure).

    Now if only Clara Belle would play me an intro every time I visit the site…

  10. I can’t tell if the mystery around Mr Brownlee’s departure is because the BBG chaps just like being mysterious or because they had him “taken care of”. The new bloggers had better watch out, is all I’m saying.

  11. Sweet! Tokyo Mango is a blast – and I have, not surprisingly, a huge geek crush on Lisa…

    :: sigh ::

  12. @mcscruffington Mitotic combustion works for me! Especially if it brings the talents of two very respectable gadgeteers.

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