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If you've been following recent stories about designer Jon Engle, you'll know that he's involved in a dispute with over a number of logos available at the site. believes that Engle's misappropriated its art, and has billed him $18,000 for the use. Engle claims these works were his original creations, wrongly added to in the first place.

Engle's account of the situation was last weekend's internet explosion, tearing up Digg and bringing his own site down under the traffic generated. Here's the google cache of his post, "Accused!"'s Richard Askew, after quietly asserting that Engle was mistaken a few days ago, has now published a list of the logos in question and how they came to be at Critically, he offers the names of the artists who put them there, meaning that it'll now be possible to find out who created which logo. Askew writes:

I have been fighting for artists rights for over 11 years to the point where it has devastated both my business and the livelihoods of my artist alliance . I'm guessing we only license 1 image these days to every 50 which are stolen and profited from. I personally have uncovered over 500 for- profit companies whom have stolen over 8,000 images from my artists!!!! I can not expose this story to the point which will soon be shared, but please know one thing about this irony! I have fought this matter with my own personal investments to a point of bankruptcy. I love my artists and their right to earn money from their unique, artistic, intellectual property! If anyone is interested in the entire story of my experience, please contact me personally ...

I do want to personally thank you for your concern. I understand your concern! is proud to advocate and represent the copyrights and works of the many award-winning and talented artists who have provided their work to for rights managed licensing for over a decade.

The list of lost logos follows after the jump. Since the intermob turned this tale into such a shitstorm, perhaps it can civilly and respectfully help unravel it!

Patricia Dalbey
Image #PD1P0138 (Stoplight Image)
Image #PD1A0213 (Chef Hat Image)
Image #PD1A0087 (Grape Image)

Phill Bliss
Image PB#2A0244 (Sun and Moon Image)

Cindy Lindgren
Image #CL1A0083 (Feather Image)
Image #CL1X0181 (Feather Pen Image)
Image #CL1A0102 (Peapod Image)
Image #CL1X0216 (Hand Image)

Scott Greer
Image #SG1A0094 (Shoe Image)
=0 A

Dave Winter
Image #DW0V0054 (Sombrero Image)

Larry Milam
Image #LM1A0041 (Rose Image)
Image #LM1A0043 (Mountain Image)
Image #LM1A0434 (Plate Image)

Mary Ross
Image #MR4P0041 (Star Image)
A 0
Rita Lascaro
Image #RL1A0061 (Rope Image)

Robert L. Prince
Image #RP0X0123 (Coffee Cup Image)

Peter Buttecali
Image #PB1A0004 (Rooster Image)
Image #PB1A0030 (Skunk Image)
Image #PB1A0034 (Lioness Image)
Image #PB1A0080 (Truck Image)
Image #PB1X0231 (Horse Image)
Image #PB1X0337 (Door Image)
Image #PB1X0346 (Building Image)
Image #PB1X0535 (Crown Image)
Image #PB1X0536 (Crown Image 2)
Image #PB1X0614 (Mountain Image)
Image #PB1X0714 (Mountain Image 2)

Michael Rowley
Image #MR1X0058 (Cow Image)
Image #MR1V0088 (King Image)
Image #MR1X0168 (Jester Image) 20
Image #MR1X0189 (Donkey Image)
Image #MR1V0219 (Jester Image- Color)
Image #MR10227 (Waiter Image)
Image #MR1X0257 (Cat and Dog Image)

Elizabeth Burrill
Image #EB1X0079 (Pig Image)

Paul Dolan
Image #PD0A0046 (Stork Image)
Image #PD0A0145 (Snake Image)

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