A Spray Bottle Worthy of Spiderman

spray bottle.jpg

Swiss engineering at its best, available via Lee Valley.

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3 Responses to A Spray Bottle Worthy of Spiderman

  1. Awemaker says:

    Uhh, why not just remove the tube and spray upside down all day?

  2. nutbastard says:


    from the link:

    “A weight at the end of the flexible intake tube always follows the liquid, ensuring good flow to nearly the last drop.”

    Seems to me this would be pretty trivial to reproduce, and it does have the advantage of working both ways…

  3. Scuba SM says:

    The trick is getting hose that’s flexible enough to bend 180 degrees to get the end back to the neck of the bottle when upside down, and have that hose be resistant to a wide variety of chemicals. Although, you could make a simple ball valve that opened an orifice in/near the neck when the bottle was inverted. Interesting…

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