Cassette To Digital, the aptly-named USB tape deck


This gorgeous wooden machine, from Japan's Novac, converts cassette tapes to MP3, WAV or WMA and pipes them up to your computer via USB. It's Windows-only, according to the specs, and will be $80 when it comes out later this month. In Japan.

Product Page [Novac via CrunchGear]

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6 Responses to Cassette To Digital, the aptly-named USB tape deck

  1. ben says:

    When recording with your line-in port isn’t cool enough, Japan comes to the rescue.

    It has a speaker tho, and according to the machine translation it can also record from other devices with its “1 systems of the RCA pin jack is equipped in the substance.” Now, if it could only work as a computer speaker as well, or record to cassette…

  2. David Bruce Murray says:

    I want one.

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    Boo, hiss!

    Oh wait, Dolby wasn’t turned on.

  4. michaelportent says:

    I can see converting stuff on vinyl to digital, but the only reason I’d want this is to move over some of my tape 4-track recordings to mp3s.

  5. Anonymous says:

    this would have been awesome…10 YEARS AGO!

    who has tapes sitting around anymore? I would have loved to convert a stack of mixes and a library of tapes when I still had them. several moves and many house cleanings have gotten rid of what was once my prized collection.

  6. Nelson.C says:

    Me, I have tapes sitting around! Two boxes I haven’t touched in years. I keep thinking that I should convert them to mpeg and take them round to the nearest charity shop, but the propect of all the mucking around with cables and old tape-players (also untouched for years), not to mention my fundamental laziness prevents me.

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