GandhiCam makes it difficult for cops to erase your videos from your BlackBerry


"GandhiCam" is an application for post-8700-series BlackBerry devices that automatically emails your (or an address you set) the images, audio, or video as it is taken, with the aim to make it easy to get the data off the device before it is confiscated or destroyed.

I'm not entirely sure where the data goes between the device and your email, or if it tries to upload directly through a plain ol' SMTP gateway.

There are other live broadcast from phones like Qik, obviously, as well as phone-to-Flickr or email gateways, but there's something to be said for a no-click solution.

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10 Responses to GandhiCam makes it difficult for cops to erase your videos from your BlackBerry

  1. w000t says:

    For non-phone cameras and such, an Eye-Fi card and a netbook, or some similar combination could effect a similar feat.

  2. UrBear says:

    Applications like Itookthisonmyphone will give you no-click uploads for still photos. I’m running it on my Blackberry; every photo I take with the phone is immediately uploaded to Flickr.

  3. andygates says:

    Great idea!

    One worry: do the police turn off local cellphone masts in the area of a planned ‘kettle’? Or, with that sort of crowd present, do the phones work properly even without deliberate interference?

  4. 5ynic says:

    Andy – that was my 1st thought too…. I wonder if it would be practical to extend this application so that if you have a swarm of bluetooth-enabled devices, they can spawn trackers and torrent the data sideways until it gets to a cell with signal? Just dreaming….

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Why is it necessary? Because of the state of the UK in 2009”.

    It’s been going on a lot longer & worse if you’re not a part of the “politically correct” class.

  6. bmxmunkee says:

    And don’t forget software like Recuva which can recover deleted files if you are forced to delete in front of a police officer.
    Obviously no good if they confiscate your memory card or camera.

  7. Charlie Stross says:

    Is there anything like this for the iPhone?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Who can take a photo?
    Upload it for free?
    Shoot it to the internet before the cops can see?
    The GhandiCam! The GhandiCam can!

  9. nightingale says:

    That sounds very nice , I like this very much, for this I can do more with my mobile phone , that will be more convenient!

  10. andygates says:

    5ynic, a sort of Bluetooth Mesh? Nice idea.

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