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  1. I am so sick of these ads, I always get angry when seeing them. There are needlessly hostile.

    Macs are awesome (I’m typing this from my unibody Macbook, which I love <--------This--------> much). Aren’t there any ways to show off how awesome they are other than attacking Windows, especially when these attacks are often exaggerated or disingenuous?

    In terms of these specific ads:
    Legal Copy: Hmm, isn’t Apple the company that has gotten in trouble with the British Ad Council for misleading ads on a number of occasions?

    Biohazard: I won’t call bs on this in that many people get viruses, but it doesn’t really seem that hard to avoid getting them nowadays (my opinion, ymmv). I mean, how long ago was the exploit conficker uses patched?

    Stacks: Cool feature, why not actually show it to us instead of just saying that vista can’t do it?

    Time Traveller: The kind of “I’m A PC” ad that I hate the most. All pointless name-calling and insult throwing without anything to substantiate claims, or any real argument as to why owning a Mac is good, other than “PC = bad.” I have definitely dealt with freezing, crashing and error messages on my Mac. I don’t think any of these happen to me with any less regularity than when I was primarily running Windows (In fact, because I’m currently running the beta for the new Firefox, I probably get more crashes [not that I am blaming this on OSX]).

    Also, a mac is a pc.

  2. Also, when I first loaded up the page, the videos didn’t appear, so I was just left with a big white space where they were supposed to be. I couldn’t help thinking that maybe Apple was taking this minimalism thing a bit too far.

  3. #1,

    I agree completely. These sort of commercials make me embarrassed to own a Mac. I admit, I got a little giggle out of one, but it felt as though it was almost hedonistic.

  4. I have and use Apple most often now but was and still am a PC guy at heart (and work/fun).

    Apple kept its vets in the game and show exactly how sarcasm as marketing is done. No idea if that sells Macs to everyday Windows users.

    I think that they could benefit sales using iPhone style show the product and screens commercials.

  5. #1 hit it on the nosie, these ads are mean-spirited and no better than mud-slinging political campaigns. Boo-urns, Apple. And Boo-urns Steve “I’m bigger than Jesus” Jobs.

  6. wow, these are awful. somebody needs to tell apple’s marketing team that apple is gaining a stigma as being for snobby douchebags, and that the ads need to combat that, not reinforce it.

  7. I can’t believe Apple are still coming up with this rubbish.

    I have a macbook and apart from it being a memory hog and its pitiful flash performance its been great and gets used every day but I have more high performance needs and will not on any circumstances get a IMAC.

    Windows PCs for a very high percentage of the computer using population are perfectly adequate.

    Apple should show the positive not the negative. It did not work for the Democrats being negative and it does not work for Apple.

  8. I like them a lot and don’t care enough to get worked up about the philosophies behind them.

  9. Sorry I meant the Republicans not Democrats.

    As for mac reliability my macbook keyboard is playing up again and keeps missing letters out, I have had it changed once already

  10. fuck off Mac. you’re just setting your self up for someone to write a killer mac virus to which you will be totally vulnerable.

  11. Didn’t Microsoft basically blow this whole concept out of the water with their ‘I’m a PC’ campaign?

  12. @12 So… do BBG get paid for running apple ads?

    They probably get paid about as much as they get paid for showing Microsoft’s Lauren ad, or Microsoft’s I’m A PC ads, or Microsoft’s bizarro Seinfeld ads (all of which I have enjoyed more than the current Apple ads).


    I had kind of thought so, at first. I really loved those ads. I thought they were really cool. One day I was watching TV with a group of non-techie friends when one of the ads came on. A bunch of them started talking about how they hadn’t known it was a Microsoft ad (or even a computer ad) the first couple of times they had seen it. It made me feel a lot less confident about the success of the ads. Who knows, maybe my friends are just slow on the uptake.

  14. The hilarious thing about the first ad is that every time I update Quicktime I get a mile-long EULA to look at.

  15. I’ve never watched one of these Mac vs PC ads, but from the stills of these ads I notice:
    the ‘mac’ guy looks really dweeby like an early 90’s graphic designer, IE fashionable 15 years ago.

    the PC guy is John Hodgeman, a ‘cool’ media type famed for his wit and insight.

    so firstly : WTF apple casting !?

    secondly: If I want uninformed “PC got virus, BSOD” tpye of advertising I’ll read some youtube comments.

    thirdly: a better advert would be “Imagine an iPod with more functions but all the same simplicity and style … that’s a mac”.
    There done. And you don;t have to appear like a company who thinks 90’s designers and flame wars are cool.

  16. #7 – I find these rather cute, too.

    I say this as a PC and Mac user. These ads are a little snarky, but I don’t see reason to get worked up about it.

  17. Of the four laptops I’ve owned, the Macbook Pro has had the most problems.

    Apple are hypocrites, and their fanboys are the freepers of computerdom.

  18. I’m someone who ignores ads overall. I leave the room when they come on television. I have seen some of these before and honestly it’s just a bit of an old campaign. If I’m getting bored by it then others who watch a lot more telly and ads then I do must be going mad.

    It also just doesn’t change my opinion of either. Like #21, I use both. I like and hate things on each one.

  19. The ads are silly, but no worse then Microsoft’s ridiculous new ad campaign. I suppose you could say Apple’s at least try to be funny whereas Microsoft’s are just plain dishonest, but really, they are all ads, so come on!

  20. I’ve got to admit, Apple knows how to market to the consumer end-user … which is one area IBM’s often had trouble with.

    On the other hand, I’m sorta bemused by the fact that these aren’t really Mac versus PC ads — they’re really Mac versus Microsoft ads. But attacking the whole Windows/IBMPC platform is in Apple’s interest, since they’re selling a hardware/software bundle, and it makes for a catchier tagline… and it lets them create the “stuffy businessman” image, which going against MS in general wouldn’t.

    I also wonder whether they’re a bit afraid of attacking MS directly, since MS *does* know how to mount an effective consumer campaign.

    (Yes, I’m ignoring the content of the Apple ads; that’s been sufficiently addressed elsewhere.)

  21. Apple has been behaving like a mini-Microsoft for quite a while now. They are just as aggressive, monopolistic, and controlling as anything Bill Gates would have ever dreamed of. There saving grace is that their consumer experience is much, much better.

    Getting it from Microsoft is like getting it in the prison shower, getting it from Apple is like getting it while laying on the finest silk pillows in an expensive hotel room. Much nicer, but you’re still f*cked.

  22. The whole talking down about your competitor schtick is an advertising technique, and not one exclusive to Apple. TV viewers in the UK will have no doubt seen the same back and fro about value for money from Tescos and Sainsburys.

  23. I love my macs, ipods, airport etc. but with these ads getting around, i can see how the elitist mac stereotype hasn’t gone away.

  24. At least you get to see the ads, thanks to youtube we in Australia can now too.

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