Terrifying robot image of the day: Boston Dynamics' SquishBot


Boston Dynamics [via]:

SquishBot is a program to develop a new class of soft, shape-changing robot. The goal is to design systems that can transform themselves from hard to soft and from soft to hard, upon command. Another goal is to create systems that change their critical dimensions by large amounts, as much as 10x. Such robots will be like soft animals that can squeeze themselves through small openings and into tight places.

Every orifice on my body just went all Dizzy Gillespie.

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  1. I already lie awake at night worrying about bugs crawling around me at night and now I have to worry about a robot bug going up my nose?

    I hate the future.

  2. Joel Johnson: the fucking funniest line ever. Consider it stolen for good; the good of all us LOAO!!! Sheesh, I’m sore…

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