The Bertone Mantide, what Kaneda would drive


Giant 3D model carving, Corvette ZR1 engines, and whiny guitar rock—what's not to like in this video? Besides this god damn singer, I mean?

It's a mockup of the gorgeous Bertone Mantide coupe that looks like the future in all the best ways. Sorry, Jalopnik, I'm stealing that picture, too.

It's one of the prettiest sport car designs I've ever seen, even if it is just a silly show car.

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  1. If this is the prettiest sports car you’ve ever seen, I suggest you look at more sports cars. Bertone should be ashamed of this one. Like a rolling train wreck. And why can’t concept cars ever have nice wheels?

  2. love everything but the front.

    I know it’s a concept car, but a functioning hood, doors , and interior would really brings it to life.
    As is, it looks like a beautiful toy.

  3. thank you, #2. that thing makes my eyes bleed… like someone saw alfa’s 8C and decided to hack it up just to piss me off.

  4. I, for one, was disappointed with the actual whininess of the song. The singer just sounded like a David Byrne who nobody loved. And do they make non-guitar rock nowadays?
    But yes, very pretty car, I hope it is psychic power resistant.

  5. Is it just me or does the back of that car look like the loose vagina face of a guild navigator?

  6. So, how long before I can simply buy a car body pattern of Etsy, send if off to my local CNC fabricator, drive my car over there and have them swap it on the same frame in an afternoon?

    Because really, what’s the point in owning a car until then?

  7. I dunno. On the plus side: Yes, it actually looks like a sports car, which many these days don’t. On the minus side… when the momentary clip of a skateboard came into the frame I immediately thought “Oh, so that’s what it reminds me of” — and that association didn’t exactly enhance my reaction to the car.

    It’s stylish. It’s nothing I’d want to own. That electric tricycle from the 18th dimension, on the other hand… that was tempting.

  8. The front looks bad. They can always get the back of concept cars looking OK, but when it gets to the front end of the car, they drop the ball.

  9. From the back it looks like Darth Vader, no-one else seeing this? From the side it looks like something out of a video game, or the anime film Akira.

    To me, this really looks like they’ve been playing too many video games.

  10. I absolutely love how quickly we can prototype a car these days. However, I think this is a perfect example of what a problem it is that we can draw a car on a computer and then instantly print it out… I’ve owned, built, and driven lots of sports cars and I don’t find this an attractive car at all. I think it’s too busy, and don’t like the way the lines flow… There’s a lot to be said about being forced to prototype a body in clay.

  11. Blech. I like my sports cars (not that I’ve ever owned one or would be likely to even if I could afford it) sleek, like a crouching panther ready to pounce. This is so, so not that. Eye of the beholder!

  12. I think comparing this to previous Bertone designs is a mistake and misses the point of show cars. This is meant to push limits, boundaries, and as such is supposed to be polarizing. I think it’s great, even though elements of the design look terrible to me. The side profile, in particular, has that awful protrusion in the front. But overall it’s a great exercise.

    You’re not going to see the Miura over and over again, nor should you want to.

    Tuckels, that’s funny because in production cars I think they nail the front but always flub the back. It’s like they run out of design energy halfway through the car – apparently starting at opposite ends if it’s a concept versus production car.

  13. This car was designed by the kid they lured away from Pininfarina, who designed the Ferrari P4/5 (another one-off type car, $3million…). Looks like a Dino 206GT mated with an F1 car, rather than a classic Bertone design which looks like a wedge of cheese.

    The back end looks like it does because of the Formula One inspiration. I think it’s incredibly beautiful, and there’s enough left over Pininfarina aesthetic to show the designer’s roots.

    Still, won’t be much faster than the ZR1 it’s based on, especially not at (probably) 25 times the price.

  14. Can’t not love this design in my opinion. The design is excellent with all the bold angles and stylish curves.

    Not to mention the curvature on the front end just exudes a sense of speediness that is missing in alot of the more recent sports car designs.

  15. it is like the new evolution of cars.
    I would definitely buy that if it is for sale, even if it just for a Big displayroom.

    if I win in the Lottery

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