Stereographic images of Tokyo


These photographs of Tokyo taken by heiwa4126 are amazing. He used an ultra-wide fisheye lens to create 360°x180° panoramas using stereographic projection--a technique used in geometry to map a sphere onto a plane.

heiwa4126's Flickr set [via Pink Tentacle]

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  1. I was going to complain about it not actualy being as advertised but I held my tongue until I read thru everything – noted I was thinking stereoscopic instead of stereographic. aaah.

    what a shame though these pics are great on their own but stereoscopic would add to it 😉

  2. Those images are seriously excellent. I also found dargaud’s site linked to in comment #3 very interesting, particularly seeing how the images can be reversed to provide two very distinct interpretations of the same scene. These photos would look lovely as art hanging on my wall 🙂

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