Sketch a futuristic LG phone design, win money

Jeff Bliss is temping at Autodesk and has been tasked with getting people to link this phone design contest from LG and CrowdSpring. (Autodesk is a sponsor.) It's hard out there for a temp, so we'll help him out.

From the Contest Page:

Predict what's next. What do you think mobile phones should look like in 2, 5, or 10 years? We are asking for your help. We're NOT looking for a long list of specs or phone ideas that already exist. We're looking for a cool new concept or "big idea" supported by usage scenario illustrations. Understand how your idea will be judged, and increase your chances of winning. Keep in mind, the LG logo must be included somewhere. Use the logo files provided (one is for light background and one is for dark).

You can win a fair chunk of change, up to $20k for first prize, but you can also get a trial version of Autodesk SketchBook Pro (only a 15-day trial, sadly) just for entering. May your Wacom serve you well.

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