The Guitar Hanger in fact does


Music Radar found a clever thing: the "Guitar Hanger", which lets you hang up your axe in the closet. (You could also put a guitar in it.)

According to the manufacturer's site, it's only available from a few retailers at the moment. But it's a new product, so give them time and I wouldn't be surprised to see them online. The price? No clue.

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  1. Yay for scratched up finishes due to zippers. If you want to store your guitar out of sight, just put it in a gig bag or case and put it in the closet.

  2. As someone that can never manage to keep fewer than 7 guitars around even when I try, I agree with #2. This is a bad idea for any instrument that you want to keep in good shape. I have one guitar that I hang, and it’s in my living room in an out of the way place mounted into a stud.

  3. I know you were just joking, but seriously, man, I’m going to take the headpiece off a guitar stand that I’ve got laying around, screw it to a hook, and hang my axe in the closet.

    No, really, a real axe. Having it in the closet by the door would be AWESOME – I have to get my coat on anyway whenever I go outside to chop wood. And this thingy would keep the business end up away from the floor where kids and pets might pry the blade cover off.

  4. @#5: If the blade end is up, it may be less likely to fall, but I’ve got to say, the consequences could be a lot worse if it did.

  5. I love the other contents of the closet. Guitar players always have an inflated image of their coolness.

  6. @#7: true, I am cooler than all of them

    -signed, a guitar player (I only have one leather jacket)

  7. I have always wondered if hanging guitars by the neck causes harm at worst and tuning problems at best. Anyone with experience care to comment?

  8. Is just using a stand so terrible? #7, I play Gypsy Jazz, so no leather jackets for me, and it’s obscure enough that there’s no way to get too much ego over it.

  9. @#2 if you’re worried about scratches just hang a coat on the body of the guitar

    @#9 some of us live in a small place where floor space for a stand is at a premium

  10. #7, I play Gypsy Jazz, so no leather jackets for me, and it’s obscure enough that there’s no way to get too much ego over it.

    I love and worship you. Here’s your last month’s dose of ego from someone who deeply loves any style of music with a bit of Gypsy flavor to it.

  11. I actually like this! I’m too lazy to put in and take out guitars in gig bags or cases. It won’t get scratched up unless you have a closet full of leather jackets. I just got married, and my guitars are sitting on stands collecting dust, since I can’t play too often in our small apartment anymore. This will prevent dust-collecting. I have a lot of closet space. Maybe I’ll put my amp in my closet along with a little stool to sit on 🙂

  12. Hanging guitars by the headstock has one major drawback. All the weight is concentrated at that point. The foam that is on the hanger to protect the guitar compresses over time and starts to react with certain guitar finishes.
    The foam starts to melt and burns the guitar finish, leaving ugly marks on your beautiful guitar.

    In the shops I have worked in I’ve seen a few different things tried and leather tubes on the hangers work best but have still seen white guitars get marks from the dye in the leather so then we put white cotton glove fingers on top of the leather………. You get the picture.
    Leave the guitars in their cases.

  13. These dudes are seriously missing the point. I mean, what’s the point of having a guitar if it’s not lying around to impress the chicks, man?

    Now, if they were to make a hook to hang it on the wall!!!!

  14. As a geeky storage lover, I like the novelty of this… but as a guitar collector, I am disgusted. Unless its a beater and you don’t care about it… just get a case.

  15. I’m not too sure of the utility of these things – I just leave mine in their cases when I’m not using them. What strikes me is that the two guitars in the photograph look exactly like mine! I have a Mexican strat with a purple body and cherrywood fretboard and a Gibson Hummingbird copy made by Mansfield.

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