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  1. It’s a Roomba for your lawn. A Roomba with a spinning steel blade that conveniently sends you a text message if it runs over a child or you neighbor’s cat.

    The future is NOW!

  2. #1 hit my concerns over this one on the nose; semi autonomous blade wielding robots… has Husqvarna never watched any good movies?

  3. “The battery is maintenance free, but has a limited life span of 1-3 years. The battery may only be replaced by a dealer. ”

    That’s all I needed to read. Next contender please….

  4. Mildly alarmed that unsupervised sports cars full of whirling knives are loose on our nations’ lawns.

    From the site:

    “Like all Husqvarna’s robotic mowers, it charges and operates itself without need for supervision. Should anything disturb the operation, 260 ACX sends a text message to your mobile phone.and operates itself without need for supervision.”


  5. The blades are actually very small and light. Similar to a utility knife blade on a free-swinging arm where the spin causes them to swing out. They probably wouldn’t do much more damage than a major paper cut.

    More to the point, what are unsupervised children doing in your lawn around your $3000 mower?! The finger loss should be considered a life lesson. Cats are smarter than that.

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