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  1. “Four minutes of cranking will bring you 30 minutes of vibrating”

    So… foreplay.

  2. £65 doesn’t buy you a lot of batteries these days, although it depends how much you use the vibrator, I guess.

  3. If you’re going through that much batteries you can justify a pair or rechargeables.

    So here’s the real question: should one postpone the vibrating because it’s not yet cranked, or crank it forward?

  4. Um, why does it crank? Seems like it should be recharged by vigorous up and down motion like those flashlights where it looks like you are masterbating

  5. Wouldn’t it be greener to just use your hand and fingers? I mean, no packaging, no manufacture, no transportation emissions…

  6. No no no, everyone here is asking the wrong question. The correct question is this:

    If attached to a dynamo, can the muscular contractions be used to _generate_ power?

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